Julie is part of The WoMentoring Project which exists to offer free mentoring by professional literary women to talented up and coming female writers who would otherwise find it difficult to access similar opportunities. You can read a blog by Julie explaining why she is part of the scheme.

Apply via the Womentoring site to work with Julie. She is currently looking to mentor writers living in her hometown Peterborough who feel excluded from the arts because of their social of financial status.

Her previous mentees are Sophie Cameron (YA fiction), Sarah Wallis (radio drama) and Pippa Brush Chappell (historical fiction).


Sophie works as a copywriter and blogger and recently completed a postgraduate certificate in Creative Writing. She has had some short stories published and is now working on her first YA novel, Magpies. She lives in Edinburgh, where she spends her free time running and trying to learn Japanese.


Sarah Wallis is a Yorkshire based Londoner. She usually writes for the stage but also has a keen interest in radio writing. She has had several residencies including; West Yorkshire Playhouse, Barnsley Civic and Harrogate Theatre. Her radio play Traits was longlisted for the Alfred Bradley Bursary Award 2013-14.

Sarah recently contributed to an article in The Guardian talking about her mentoring experience. Read it HERE.


Pippa Brush Chappell studied English Literature at university for the best part of ten years. She then went on to lecture in English and Women’s Studies at universities and colleges in Canada and the USA, trading shamelessly on her British accent. Back in the UK, she wrestled with teaching secondary school English until finally, thankfully, realising the error of her ways. She then spent five years working for a charity and trying to write short fiction. She is currently tutoring, blogging and trying to get that first draft finished so she can finally claim to have written a novel.

Visit The WoMentoring Project site to find your mentor…