Serien Selection for Little Nothings

Posted on Jun 10, 2024 in Latest

I was invited to Cologne this week to pitch the TV adaptation of my novel Little Nothings at Germany’s Serien Camp.

Writer’s Vision Pitchers: Julie (bottom right)

The annual conference sees 7000 international attendees gather to discuss the latest trends in serial storytelling.

My Writer’s Vision pitch of Little Nothings focused on finding an international co-producer for the project, which is backed by Screen Daily Star of Tomorrow producer Michelle Antoniades of Hazey Jane Films.

As hoped, this female-led thriller set on the Greek island of Corfu, a story with global reach which showcases a local landscape and culture, generated significant interest from potential producing partners.

Anyone who was unable to attend the official pitching session can request a pitch deck, novel PDF and pitch recording. Get in touch…