A 40-something, British, wild woman has her secluded existence in the forests of Swedish Lapland invaded by a tenacious new neighbour, the latter convinced the former is a ‘dead’ celebrity.

A Studio21 Drama Series Finalist 2021

Off Grid plays out across eight episodes corresponding to the eight seasons recognised in Europe’s beautiful and brutal Arctic north, where reindeer graze, majestic rivers tumble, and where summer brings no night and winter brings no day.

Rough-hewn Grace has carved out a primitive and solitary life for herself in this unforgiving wilderness, but finds it gate-crashed by Sara, an inquisitive ‘tourist’ who immediately fixates on Grace’s resemblance to a British TV personality Amelia Thorn, a national treasure who supposedly killed herself five years ago.

Grace – with rifle cocked and dogs primed – is ready to protect her forest isolation and new identity at all costs. Sara, armed with a camera and half the story, faces a bloody battle before she can raise Amelia Thorn from the dead.

The looming uneasiness of OZARK…  One woman in conflict with her remote, volatile community, as seen in WINTER’S BONE…  An enticingly prickly female protagonist in the vein of MARE OF EASTTOWN