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In a multicultural but Brexit-voting city in the east of England, a recovering alcoholic obsessed with order, control and making amends rediscovers her sense of fun and abandon when she falls in love with a playful, eccentric German sent to takeover the company she works for.

“As polls show Brexit regret is on the rise, and as Britain starts to challenge its selective historic pride, the time is ripe for a film that interrogates our past decisions, warped nostalgia and new European relationships. DON’T MENTION THE WAR does this through the framework of romantic comedy, set outside of the usual London backdrop – in Peterborough, my hometown, a city that has always been populated by different communities from around the world, yet in 2016 voted robustly for Brexit. When we invest in grounded relatable characters, and when we are relaxed and laughing, I believe we are more willing to re-examine our long-held beliefs”

~ Julie Mayhew, 2023

Variety ~ 25 May 2023