Big Love for The Big Lie (USA Edition!)

Posted on Oct 18, 2017 in Books, Latest

In less than a month Jess and Clem land on US bookshelves – and the pre-publication reviews for The Big Lie so far have been stellar.

Booklist call it “a doozy of a concept, well-realized” before going on to say:

“An outstanding feature is Mayhew’s refusal to offer easy answers and pigeonhole characters; she respects the reader’s ability to handle ambiguity. Mayhew’s careful research and richly detailed plot create a frighteningly real world, and her thoughtful afterword explicitly spells out questions about our right and responsibility to create change through revolution.”

The novel earns a much sought-after starred review in Publishers Weekly and is summed up thus:

“Mayhew manages two feats, both crucial: she creates a believable modern-day Nazi society built on rules, silence, and surveillance, and a compelling depiction of a girl caught between what she has always been taught and what she is coming to suspect is true. As Jessika discovers, the truth is both dangerous and liberating.”

Kirkus Reviews, meanwhile, draws parallels between The Big Lie and North Korea – interesting – and has this to say:

“Readers who know their World War II history and enjoy extremely unreliable narrators will find great satisfaction in puzzling out the truth behind the horrors Jess leaves unspoken.”

Fingers crossed bloggers and readers feel the same come publication day. Roll on November 14th…


School Library Journal has awarded The Big Lie a starred review, describing the book as, “terrifying and eerily timely.”

Foreword Reviews agrees that the story is, “frightening in its realness,” and also awards the book a starred review.

“Mayhew’s grasp of German culture and the potential outcome of losing to Nazi forces gives The Big Lie a refreshing urgency,” says Foreword. “The Big Lie is a standout: a warning, a call to action, and a terrific novel.”