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“Put down that handbag which cost a week’s wages, stop writing think-pieces about the length of your pubic hair and actually smash. Things. Up.”

TX: Radio 4, Monday 19 February, 2018, 2.15pm 

Chloe O is a vlogger, a feminist and a radical, with no time for basic-bitch romance and happy ever afters. That is until traditional life sneaks up and claims her, proving that talk is nothing, action is everything and it’s time to recruit some wives…

A revolutionary response to marriage, babies and online feminism as part of Radio 4’s Riot Girls season alongside adaptations of work by Margaret Atwood and Doris Lessing, and new scripts from Ming Ho and Katherine Jakeways.

Cast: Lauren Cornelius, Luke Bailey, Teri Ann Bob-Baxter, Aneta Piotriwska

Producer: Emma Harding      Editor: Cal Knightley

L-R: Aneta (Rosa), Lauren (Chloe), Julie (writer), Teri Ann (Alisha), Luke (Daniel)